Three Methods Of Best Way to Sharpen a Knife

Best way to sharpen a knife helps you give the best treatment for your dull knives. Using dull knives to do the cutting, slicing and other functions can be dangerous as you have to apply extra power that may cause injuries. Knives have to be maintain its sharpness periodically. Sharpening knife is relatively easy to do without the help of any professional. You can do the sharpening by yourself with the help of a sharpening tool. You can find a lot of varieties of knife sharpeners. Knife sharpener is made to maintain the good condition of your knives making them funtion well to do their task.

3 Methods of Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening

Knives aren’t always sharp. More often they are used to do the cutting the more their chance of getting dull. If you want your knives function well to help your task of cutting and slicing, you need to sharpen them once in a while. The sharpening time depends on the knife itself. Some knives need sharpening 6 months in a while the others need longer time. It depends on how often they are used.

When your knives are getting dull, sharpening is the best thing to do. Prepare a knife sharpener and you can sharpen your knives on your own. However, I believe a lot of you have no knowledge on how to sharpen a knife in the right way. Sharpening knife needs the correct method to get the best result.

There are three methods of knife sharpening that include in the best way to sharpen a knife. They are using three different sharpeners.

  1. A Whetstone (diamond stone) – this is the simplest and oldest way of knife sharpening but still effective in doing it. Before doing the sharpening with this stone you need to apply oil, water, or spit a little bit. It gets rid of microscopic metal shavings that are produced by grinding at the edge. To avoid food contamination, you can use vegetable oil.
  2. A sharpening rod – this method is the most popular way to sharpen a knife. Sharpening using honing rods lasts longer than using the previous method. It doesn’t carry away as lots metal from your knife and it doesn’t change the angle of your knife.
  3. A coffee mug – it is the best way to sharpen a knife and also effective in doing so. You’ll have the right angle from coffee mug that will make the sharpening task easier. As a coffee mug is made of ceramic that it is hard and you’ll get smooth result on your knives.

Those three methods are the most well-known ways to sharpen a knife. It may be a good idea to get your knives to knife guys that has the ability to sharpen your knife, but it’s better for you to sharpen your knives yourself as it won’t cost you money. You can choose a method of sharpening knife to get the best result for your knives so that it can function as their best. You will get the finest method of knife sharpening from the best way to sharpen a knife.


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