Sharpening a Knife – The Best Way of Maintaining a Knife

Sharpening a knife sounds very usual and can be done by any of you without any effort. I believe many of you have done the sharpening when you find that your knives have become dull. Although it sounds easy, sharpening a knife needs the right tool and method if you want to get the best result. You will need the right sharpener and the correct way of sharpening a knife if you want your knives back to sharp and function as their best. It is important to keep your knives sharp because sharp knives can help you to do cutting and slicing tasks more easily and safely.

Why should We Sharpen a Knife?

Sharpening a Knife

Sharpening a Knife

Maintaining your knives to be sharp is important for the sake of your safety. Cutting or slicing material, especially a hard one, can bring injury to your hand as it will need extra power to apply and it is possible to slip if the blade of your knife is dull. Sharpening a knife is strongly recommended to do, particularly when you find your knives are getting dull and difficult to use. You don’t need to sharpen your knives often. You can sharpen them every six months or even longer depend on the frequency of they been used. More often they are used more chance they get dull. To make you sharpen more easily, you can get help from sharpening tools that come in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

How to Sharpen a Knife with Sharpener

One of the best ways in sharpening a knife is using knife sharpener. There is a wide range of knife sharpeners you can find out there. Choose the right knife sharpening tools that fit your knife to help you out. Here are three steps to sharpen a knife using a sharpener:

 Knife  Sharpener

Knife Sharpener

The first step is roughing out the edge of the blade. Move the knife through the coarse nick. Draw the knife with light pressure until you feel it slide smoothly with no catches. Those show a very dull nicks or spots. It is not recommended to apply heavy pressure because with so it will only get rid of more material and the knife will wear out.

The nest step is checking with the thumbnail test. Put the blade of the knife on your nail lightly and draw it toward the end. If it glides over your nail, it’s not ready yet for the next step. Do it repeatedly and test until the knife “runs” through your nail.

The last step is honing the edge. Create several light passes through the fine ceramic “V” and the knife is all set for doing the work.,

The edge of your blade will eventually be dull after many times of doing the cutting and slicing tasks. You really need to make it sharp to enable it function well. It is highly recommended for you to make some maintenance to your knives by sharpening them, particularly when they are getting dull. Use the right knife sharpener can be very helpful in sharpening a knife.

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