Performing Shun Knife Sharpening at Home

Shun knife sharpening tools are made to help you get your Shun knives sharpened well. Shun does not only produced cutlery but also other tools, one of them is knife sharpening tool. Shun knife sharpening tools is particularly designed to maintain the good condition of all your Shun knives. All knives, whether they are expensive or cheap, will eventually dull. More often a knife is used to do the cutting tasks the more chance it is getting dull. This also applies to Shun knives. The knives from this Japanese company can also become dull. No knives that can keep sharp for a long time. Eventually, all knives will get dull, especially when they are often used.

Sharpening Shun Knives at Home

Sharpening Shun Knives

Sharpening Shun Knives

Shun knives are designed very excellently that they don’t need frequent sharpening. They are the type of knives that can be sharpen rarely. The fact is that knife sharpening is not a task that should be done regularly, whether it is on weekly or even monthly basis. But sharpening a knife is not less important to do. It is needed to be performed to maintain the good condition of knives so that they can function at their best.

Sharpening a knife should not be done on a regular basis as it can get rid some of the metal of the knife’s blade making it reduce the life span of the knife more often. So if you need to sharpen your knives, it is more recommended to use a sharpening steel to do the sharpening. It can keep your edge aligned, make the most out of the performance, and decrease the sharpening frequency.

If you have Shun knives at home and they need to be sharpened, you can do the sharpening in two ways. One of those methods of Shun knife sharpening is sharpening using a whetstone such as the Shun Combination Whetstone.

The followings are the steps of Shun knife sharpening using a whetstone:

To Resharpen – First, dip the whetstone in water for about 5 minutes before you start sharpening.  Put the whetstone on a wet cloth. Put the knife at a 45’ angle toward the whetstone.

For knife with one-sided cutting edge:

The Front Side – push the edge of the cutting on the whetstone with the aim of the back of knife will turn up. Maintain this angle while sharpening the knife with your fingers on the blade and the other hand holding the handle. Then sharpen the knife until you can see burrs appear.

The Reverse Side – put the reverse side on the whetstone and glide the knife back back and forth a few times without lifting the back of the blade.

To get rid of the burr, grind both of the sides gently for a few times.

Shun knives are designed with great quality of metal which does not need frequent sharpening. However, there is still a chance for the knives to become dull and need to be sharpened. Sharpening is now relatively easy to do that you can do Shun knife sharpening at home.


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