How to Use Knife Sharpening Stone in the Right Technique

Knife sharpening stone is one of the important tools we should possess to maintain the sharpness of the knives in our kitchen. It is a tool used to sharpen the edges of knife or other steel tools and applies through grinding and pointing. We can find knife sharpening stone in a great number of shapes, sizes, and material structures. The stone for sharpening purposes can be made of natural and also from man-made material. For many people who have to deal with knives on their daily basis, for example a cheff or a house wife who often uses a knife to help their cooking routine, need a perfect tool to sharpen their knife.

The Way to Use a Sharpening Stone


I believe it is very frustrating for you if you find all of your knives are blunt at the time you need them to help you slice the meat, vegetables or other cooking ingredients. You need a sharpening tool that is easy to use and sharp the knives in no time. Knife sharpening stone is the right tool to help you get your knife sharpened. However, it’s a waste to have knife sharpening stone if you don’t know how to use it in the right way. Sharpening a knife may look easy to do, but if you don’t know the right technique of how to sharpen a knife you won’t get the fine result you want.

How to use Knife Sharpening Stone

How to use Knife Sharpening Stone

Here I give you the right technique to use your knife sharpening stone so that you can get your knife sharp and smooth to cut and slice all vegetables, meat and other cooking ingredients. Follow these safe and efficient steps of sharpening:

  1. Put the stone on a wet cloth or towel. Make certain that both of the stone and the cloth or towel are on a flat surface. It is to avoid the stone and cloth from sliding at the time of sharpening.
  2. Start with the rough side of the stone on top, this is the fastest way to make the knife blade back into the proper shape.
  3. Grease the stone. Use the recommended lubricant or oil to lubricate it. You need to remember not to use food oil like olive oil or vegetable oil. Just ensure to read the instructions of the sharpening stone.
  4. Hold the knife in the correct angle. At a 90-degree angle, hold the knife with the blade down. Move it to a 45-degree angle, halving the distance between the table and the 90-degree angle.
  5. At the correct angle, draw the knife down slowly and across the stone in a smooth movement, at the heel first and at the tip at the end.
  6. How many times it should be done depends on the knife’s dullness. But you must do equally in both side of the blade.
  7. Turn over the knife to the other side and go over the heel-to-tip movement after five draws.
  8. Repeat this 10-step process, but do it reversely from tip to heel.
  9. Turn the stone over to the finer side, and do steps 5 throuh 8 again

Use the right technique of sharpening with your knife sharpening stone.

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