How to Sharpen a Knife: Easy Steps to Sharpen a Knife at Home

How to sharpen a knife in the correct way? A dull knife won’t do you any good to cut thing. Moreover it can be very dangerous as well since you have to push harder when you try to slice whatever it may be you are slicing and you will likely cut yourself. So, to know how to sharpen your own knife is essential. Fortunately for you, sharpening a knife yourself is quite easy. This article will guide you step by step on how to sharpen a knife that you can do by yourself. Here are the steps that are easy for you to follow, check them out below:

Steps on Sharpening a Knife on a Whetstone

Below are steps that you can follow by your own on how to sharpen a knife safely and easily using a whetstone.

  1. Find the angle
Sharpening a Knife on a Whetstone

Sharpening a Knife on a Whetstone

The first thing you need to do is to find the right angle. When sharpening a knife, angle is important. If you sharpen your knife in wrong angle or different angle, it will take forever to be sharpened. It also needs a few tries before all dull areas on your knife are smoothed out. Here are some tips to find the angle,

  • First, if you have no idea at what angle your knife needs to be sharpen, you can ask your knife’s manufacturer or ask a nearby knife shop, which is knowledgeable about sharpening technique, to determine the appropriate angle for your knife.
  • If you are too lazy to go out, then you can try to find the angle yourself. Do not angle the knife to shallow since the sharpened edge won’t last long. Try the 10°-30° on each side.
  1. Wet your whetstone
Wet your whetstone

Wet your whetstone

After finding the right angle, you need to wet your whetstone with enough water or mineral oil. This is to help you to move the knife on the whetstone easier.

  1. Start sharpening your knife
sharpening your knife

sharpening your knife

Place your knife at your chosen angle and start to sharpen your knife. Start from one side of the knife, right or left. Press the sharpened edge with two fingers and push the knife to the top of the whetstone away from you. Be careful not to touch the stone with your two fingers. Remember to slowly bring your two fingers down towards the heel. Press only when you push forward and release the pressure when you draw your knife backwards.

  1. Repeat the motion

Repeat this process on the other side of the knife. Maintain the angle to the stone. Continue repeating the process until you have sharpened the knife to your liking.

There are many things beside a whetstone or honing rod for you to use that are able to be used as substitute sharpening tool at home. For example, an old coffee mug. You can simply turn the mug upside down and swipe the knife at the bottom of the mug. All you need is the right sharpening stone and the angles to know the right way about how to sharpen a knife.


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