Cutco Knife Sharpening: How to Sharpen a Cutco Knife Based On Its Edges

Cutco knife sharpening needs only one to two weeks if you send your Cutco knives to the company. For you who are not sure on how to maintain your Cutco knives, you can just send them back to the Cutco Company. They will immediately take care of your knives and return them to you as fast as possible. The company will handle the sharpening process, polishing the knives’ handles, and then return them to you in a better condition. Cutco Company has been around for years as one of the best cutlery manufacturer. They even has a life time guarantee for any of their product. Aside from the offer that Cutco Company provides for their customers, a professional Cutco knife sharpening at Cutco, you can also do the sharpening at home.

Knowing When You Need to Sharpen Your Knives

Cutco Knife Sharpening

Cutco Knife Sharpening

When do we need to sharpen a knife? Maybe some of you often ask this kind of question. If you are regularly using a knife for daily need, a simple activity like cooking, you will notice that your knife needs to be push a little more than usual. You need more pressure to cut through things with your knife. That is a clue that you can’t ignore. Your knife tells you that you need to sharpen it. For a Cutco knife sharpening, there are different methods for sharpening knives, depend on the types of the knives’ edge. Whether the knife has straight edge or Cutco’s double D recessed edge.

Straight Edged Knife

Straight Cutco  Edged Knife

Straight Cutco Edged Knife

For a Cutco knife with straight edges, you can sharpen the knife using a home knife sharpener. If you are not confident that you will get the right angle, you can use those sharpeners designed with the knife edge angle. Now, you need to angle the Cutco straight edge knife at 15° angle, which is the angle that the knife is designed. Using a Cutco’s knife sharpener that is especially designed for straight edge knife is easy. You can simply place the knife in between the honing stone. You do not need to measure the angle anymore since the Cutco’s knife sharpener is already designed at 15° angle. Very convenient right? You can sharpen your knife easily. Once you are done sharpening the knife, try to test the sharpness of the knife by slicing through a piece of paper.

Double D Recessed Edge Knife

Double D Recessed Edge Knife

Double D Recessed Edge Knife

The Cutco’s Double D recessed edge knife is different from serrated knife. For the Double D recessed edge knife, Cutco has designed it to stay sharp for years. You won’t need to sharpen it as often as the straight edge knife. That is because there is a series of indented cutting edges along the blade that prevent the sharp parts come in contact with surfaces that can dull. For this type of knife edge, it is better if your get a professional to sharpen the knife for you. You can send your knife at Cutco Company or ask for company’s representative to come to your house to do the Cutco knife sharpening.

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