Best Two Knife Sharpening Services in Town

Knife sharpening service comes in handy if you need to sharpen your knife when you don’t have the time or simply do not know about how to sharpen a knife correctly. It is quite important to keep your cutlery sharpen from time to time to avoid any danger from using a dull blade. You can either do the sharpening at home or having a professional does the job for you. There are lots of good pro knife sharpening service out there. But how do you know that they are ‘really good knife sharpener’ or just good by word only?

To know the answer, you need to ask for a recommendation from a friend or test some of the knife sharpening services around you yourself, that way you will know the result of their work. If you are too lazy to try their services out door by door, then look into sharpening business that has good record by looking into their years of experience. Sharpening service that has been in business for a long time shows that they have been putting a lot of work that can express their dedication. They know what they are doing, so you do not need to worry about the outcome.

Best Knife Sharpening Services

This article will give you some reviews about the best knife sharpening service in town so you can head down there to get your knife sharpen as sharp as new. Most of the sharpening services below has been in industry for years and have professional license.

1. Seattle Knife Sharpening

Seattle Knife Sharpening

Seattle Knife Sharpening

This sharpening service ensures that your blade is sharpened to a finest point that it will be able to cut a paper into thin strips. If you are looking for a trustworthy knife sharpening service, this is the right place for you. Your knife will be sharpened to its sharpest point with their own 7 steps of process that will be done precisely. Do not worry for you who live outside of the Northwest area, you can simply mail your blade to the company’s address. After shipping your knife, wait for about two weeks and you will receive your knife back with ease. With the incoming package, they will also send a note on how to keep your knife sharp, how to sharpen you knife on honing rod, and which honing steel that is right for your knife. You can visit their website to find some other services or directly contact the owner if you have any question.

2. D&R Sharpening Solutions

D&R Sharpening Solutions

D&R Sharpening Solutions

Just like the sharpening business above, D&R is another small company with high rate success. Dave Martell, the founder of this company, has been recommended by chefs as the best knife sharpener. This company has Japanese and western style knives sharpening services. The angle use in this company is around 20° which is very effective. They still use the traditional way and done with a wheel and sander. If you choose to send your knives here, you will get a strong and sharp knives back. No wonder that this company has been around for years as the best knife sharpening service.

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